A brighter Moonboard

Thinking of building a Moonboard at home, or pushing for one at your local gym? You should! It's the perfect way to train finger strength and core strength at the same time while enjoying the challenge of trying problems set by different people all over the world (including Ben Moon himself!). A 'bright' idea would also be to light it up, with LEDs to indicate which holds to use for the problems you want to climb. Here's how it's done:


Moon Climbing Made In Sheffield

'Made in England' is a proud tag to be worn and a rareity in the modern times we live in when everything seems to be outsourced overseas to reduce costs. Three new and exciting products coming from Moon in 2016 wear the 'made in Sheffield' stamp with honour.

IMG 3513 800x604


Bubbies family - So iLL holds

Smooth, round, and comfortable, the Bubbies family offers everything from foot jibs to XXL slopers.  But don’t let their ergonomic design fool you, master shaper Jason Kehl made sure every Bubbie hold has a good side and a bad side. These holds are surprisingly difficult on steeper angles.

SC39-Bubbies large

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